Pet Policy

We're one of a few pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge! Our pets are part of our family and we understand that vacations are more enjoyable when we don't have to leave pets behind in a kennel or at the vet's (which is often costly). We like to travel with our pets.

We also know how hard can be to find pet friendly vacation rentals. Part of allowing pets means more deep cleaning to accommodate health concerns of future guests of our cabins.

Also, many cabin rentals fear lost business as some potential guests will never use accommodations that allow pets. And face it. Some pets aren't as well-behaved as we think they are, and can cause damage.

Knowing this, we do want to accommodate you and your 4-legged family members. But we do have some guidelines for our guests, which we hope will keep our costs down and will help us keep our cabins pet-friendly!

If you're considering staying at Mountain Vista Cabins, please review our Pet Friendly Policy below. If you have special circumstances or requests please contact us.
Click here for a PDF copy of our Pet Policy

Pet Friendly Policy

  • Well Behaved Pets are Welcomed:
    • Only well-behaved dogs are considered eligible cabin guests. We are sorry but because of insurance/liability, we cannot accept Pitt Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman pinscher or other types of potentially dangerous pets.
    • We need to know what type and size of dog(s) you wish to bring, and how many. The maximum number allowed is 2 (there may be special circumstances if the pets are very tiny.)
  • Housebroken
    • Only well behaved, housebroken pets over the age of one (1) year, that socialize well with other people and animals, are welcomed. The interior of our cabin is all wood, so if your dog has a chewing problem or if you have a male dog that marks his territory, there is a wonderful kennel not too far from the cabin that will welcome your dog, but we cannot.
  • Rates For Pets
    • A rate of $15.00 per pet per night is charged. A second pet is charged at the rate of $10 per night. If a 3rd pet is accepted per a.(i.) above, the fee may be negotiated depending on the pet.
    • Two pets is usually our maximum, but we will make exceptions under certain circumstances. Our main concern is pet hair and dander. We will make exceptions if we can be assured that pet hair and dander will not be excessive.
    • If a 3rd pet is accepted, the fee may be negotiated depending on the pet.
  • Pet Damages and Deposits
    • If excessive clean-up is required (for example: failure to clean up after pet, hair on furniture, etc.) or if pet damages exceed the deposit, the pet owner will be responsible for any and all costs to restore the damaged property to original condition.
  • Rules
    • We all love our pets and barely notice or aren't bothered by evidence of their presence; little hairs in corners, on furniture, and other surfaces; muddy footprints; and occasional odors.
    • However, our rules are designed with the non-pet owner in mind. We ask that you step into the shoes of the allergic or non-pet lover who follows after you and your pet depart. We clean carefully, but we require that you leave the cabin as you found it.
  • Leash
    • There are lots of areas to run on the property but be careful as your pet can become lost. It is recommended that you keep pets on a leash at all times when outside of the cabin (except on decks or fenced-in areas). Our Mountain Breeze and Mountain Mist cabins have a small fenced in area so pets can enjoy the deck with you!
  • Pet Sanitary Requirements
    • Pet owners must bring sufficient supplies to clean up after pet including
    • Please be extra vigilant in cleaning up if you’ve stayed with a pet.
    • We take a big risk keeping our cabins pet friendly and can only do this if our pet-friendly cabin remains “friendly” to future guests both with and without pets. Nobody wants to step into something left behind from a previous pet.
    • Note: Some dogs like nothing better than to locate and roll in animal droppings. Please spare our future guests this.
    • We expect you to scoop up pet droppings outside and dispose of them outside in the trash cans. Clean Pet Guests Are Welcome
    • Bathe your dog before traveling to reduce shedding and pet odors. On muddy days wipe paws before entering.
  • Crate Your Pet
    • Do not leave pets unattended in the cabin.
    • Please contain or crate pets when you leave the cabin. Traveling is stressful to even the most even-tempered and well trained pet and they can act unpredictably when left alone.
    • Do not leave pets outside on the deck when you leave the cabin. Unattended pets in strange environments can do severe damage to the hot tub, outside furniture, doors, etc.
    • A secure crate with a familiar blanket from home is the best and most calming environment for your pet during your extended outings. More on the benefits of pet crating.
  • Pet Pests.
    • All pets should be on a flea and tick program.
    • Dogs are not allowed in the hot tub!
    • Please, for the sake of your dog's sensitive skin and our filtration system, don't allow your pet in the tub.
  • Protect the furniture
    • We have red clay soil and are in a rural area which increases the likelihood that pets will track mud and dirt into the cabin. If you like to allow your pet on the furniture, please bring a sheet or cover with you for the sofa, beds, etc. Cover any furniture and beds your pet will be allowed on.
    • One sheet is not enough depending on the cabin. You should protect bed spreads, couches, chairs, etc.
    • Never allow your pet to sleep on beds, sofa, chairs, or bed spreads unless they have been covered with your own covering.
  • Pet Hair
    • All dogs shed -- some more than others. Please remove pet hair from all surfaces.
    • There is a vacuum in the cabin, please vacuum visible pet hair from floors. Also, if your pet sheds, please use one of the many types of lint rollers to remove hair from surfaces. You can find them at any grocery store or drug store.
  • Departure
    • On the day of departure:
      • Use the vacuum provided to remove any pet hair in the cabin.
      • Remove pet hair from other surfaces.
  • Pet Etiquette
    • Please observe property pet etiquette when at our cabins.
    • has a list of pet owner etiquette guidelines.

Only dogs are allowed. No other animals qualify as allowed pets. Pets are only allowed when approved in advance, and only when the following terms are agreed to:

  • I agree to bring a crate for my pet and shall not leave pet(s) unattended in cabin unless crated.
  • I agree to report pet damage immediately upon occurrence to facilitate timely repairs/corrections/cleanup (waiting until checkout to report pet damage can potentially increase my financial responsibility restoring the unit to rentable condition cannot be accomplished before the next arrival, thus causing the displacement of future guests).
  • I agree to bring sufficient sheets to protect furniture from contact with pets. I understand that pets are not allowed on unprotected the furniture.
  • I agree that I will clean up all waste product of my pet. Acceptable clean-up shall be placing the waste product in trash cans provided.
  • I understand that my pet(s) will be under my control, either by command or by leash, at all times.
  • I agree to bathe my pet before arrival to minimize dander, hair, and odor. My pet will be on a flea/tick control program.
  • On the day of departure, I agree to remove pet hair from surfaces, and use the vacuum provided to remove any pet hair in the cabin.
  • I understand and agree that, in the unlikely event, excessive clean-up is required (for example: failure to clean up after pet, hair on furniture, etc.), I will be responsible for additional cleaning costs to restore the cabin to original state.
  • If pet damages exceed the deposit, the pet owner agrees to be responsible for any and all costs to restore the cabin and/or property to original condition.